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  • Charactopia Co., Ltd.

    Established in year 1998, Charactopia Co., Ltd. has manufactured and supplied character costumes or figures from Korea. Our main customers include entertainment companies, amusement parks, advertising
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  • Glib Co., Ltd

    We, "GLIB TOYS Co., LTD. " is the biggest company of the doll accessories makers in Korea. From 1999, We have serviced all kinds of doll parts(doll components) include doll-eye, doll-wig, doll-cloths,
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  • Sky&Technology

    " Sky & Technology CO. LTD. " is the technical company as manufacturer for the Brushless Controller, Motor, ESC, and Smart Receiver relate to RC Our Company was established in 2000, and since then it
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  • Dongsan Rolling Mill Co., Ltd.

    We are the premier manufacturer of precision-shaped redrawn wires in korea, specializing in stainless steel, carbon steel alloys and non-ferrous metals. - products(precision-shaped metal wire) 1.
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    We who name is JIJI HOUSE are a made stuffed toy and fancy firm. Our firm has opened with several people in this year. so we haven't had a lot of product yet, but the president and employees are an
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