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SMT PCB Digital X ray Machine Manufacturing Price X-ray Inspection Service X6600

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Date 2018-05-17 to 2024-05-24
City Shenzhen
Address 10 Building,Huaide,Cuihai Industrial park Fuyong Street, Bao’an, Shenzhen SKYPE:bgajuan
Hall SMT X ray machine
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General Information
 Seamark X-6600 X-ray inspection system has been widely applied to Circuit Board Inspection, Semi-Conductor Inspection and Other Applications. (Offline X - Ray series) widely used in offline detection, defect analysis, 3D reconstruction, used for PCBA, packaging, ceramics, plastics, LED, and so on.


Major applications:

PCBA BGA/IC LED  Aliminum die casting Battery  connector inspecting


1. Semiconductor package

2. Electronic connector module.

3. Original Package

4. Aerospace components

5. Medical appliances 

6. Automation components


X Ray Machine Demo Video link:



X-ray Inspecting Features: 

(1) Coverage of process defects up to 97%. Inspectible defects include: Empty solder, Bridge, Solder shortage, voids, components missing, and so on. In particular, the BGA, CSP and other solder joint devices can also be checked by X-Ray.


(2) Higher test coverage. It can check where the naked eye and the online test can not be checked. Such as PCBA was judged fault, suspected PCB inner trace break, X-ray can be quickly checked.


(3) The test preparation time is greatly reduced.


(4) It can observe other means of detection can not be reliably detected defects, such as: Empty soldering, air holes and poor molding and so on.


(5) Double layers board and multi-layer boards only one check (with layered function).



(6) Can provide relevant measurement information, used to evaluate the production process. Such as solder paste thickness, solder joints under the amount of solder.

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Contact information
Contact Angela
Address: 10 Building,Huaide,Cuihai Industrial park Fuyong Street, Bao’an, Shenzhen
Zip Code: 518000
QQ: 343237416
Microfocus X-Ray inspection machine for PCB SMT factory , Solder result detector , BGA voids inspection , IC internal wire scan, CSP LED welding inspection etc. More details , welcome to contact us.
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