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Grading standard of cassava flour

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Date 2018-08-29 to 2022-08-31
City China
Address Huanglong garden in Kaifeng Economic Development Zone, Henan
Hall 5255
Organizer sida
General Information
 1. Grade of cassava flour (flour)

The quality of edible flour in China is not high and the grade is not high. Most of the flour is standard flour. The proportion of special flour in the market is 20% - 30%.

In recent years, due to the increasing demand for specialty flour from urban and rural people, some large and medium-sized cities in southern and Northern China will mainly use specialty flour. Standard flour has been seldom produced. Many flour mills also use the flour between the quality of specialty first-class flour and standard flour to produce specialty second-class flour (some places are called topping flour). The 3 kinds of flour produced in our country can not meet the needs of consumers. In order to meet the special needs of various foods, the types of flour will gradually increase.

cassava flour processing machine
cassasa flour processing machine

1. Specially made first-class powder (rich powder, refined powder).

Equivalent to the former Soviet Union first-class powder, the quality is worse than foreign special powder, China's production of special first-class powder alone 60% - 70%. It is suitable for making bread, steamed bread, noodles, steamed bun and other flour products with high accuracy. In the production of special first-class powder can also extract higher refined powder (ash content of about 0.5%) for the production of high-grade food.

2. Specially made two grade powder (white powder, special powder) cassava flour machine

Due to the low yield of specially-made first-class flour and the second quality of standard flour, the specially-made second-class flour is produced according to the custom of users. The flour yield is 73% - 75%. It is a good raw material for making steamed bread, steamed buns, dumplings and noodles.

Standard powder.

It is equivalent to two grade powder. It is produced under the condition of grain shortage and high flour yield and low flour quality. The flour yield can reach 82% - 85%, which can basically meet the production needs of steamed bread, noodles and other flour products.

Secondary powder (feed powder)

In the production of special powder, 10%-20% powder is extracted and used as feed powder. The extraction of secondary flour is aimed at improving the economic value of cassava flour and reducing the proportion of processed by-products wheat bran.

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Contact zhang
Address: Huanglong garden in Kaifeng Economic Development Zone, Henan
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