TUV surge protection device

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  LAYM40 380M3G surge protector device is suitable for 380V voltage power supply and distribution systems, Using the 3 plus 1 circuit (3 MOV and 1 group GDT combination) protection mode, device  is installed between the power supply network and  equipment for relief, suppression and reduce the over current and overvoltage resulting from induction stroke or internal power grid system, it  has the following characteristics:


   u    Anti shock, flame retardant plastic are adopted;

   u    Large discharge current(max 40kA(8/20μs));

   u    Automatic fault release device for overcurrent, overheating protection;

   u    Support hot swappable and online maintenance when power is on;

   u    Local alarm and remote alarm mode;

   u    Easy installation, directly installed in the standard 35mm rail profiles;

   u    Flexible combinations suit for applied power supply systems.

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